Fleur de Thenac White


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Lets say you won the lottery. Not a puny Lotto couple of million but a massive Euromillions or a Christmas El Gordo. For a large proportion of the money you could either buy a vineyard somewhere really famous like Pomerol or, you could buy somewhere really unfamous like Bergerac but with great soil and old mature vines and spend the rest of your fortune making the best wine you could. This is what I would do and is the case here. I have no idea how the owners actually made their money (almost certainly not from a lottery)but the results are very smart wines at a modest price. This wine is a classic blend of Sauvignon and Semillon grapes and manages the tightrope of being crisp, refreshing and also quite rich at the same time. Not always an easy thing to do.Life is too short so I'm not a fan of the cottage industry that is food and wine pairing but, this was great with cold roast chicken and home made garlic and mustard mayo.

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